Monthly Archives : April 2014

5 Steps to Starting a Vegetable Garden

Most produce available in the grocery store today has traveled thousands of miles to get there, and could have been grown in nutrient poor soil with loads of pesticides. Why not enjoy organic, pesticide-free produce from your own backyard? A little bit of preparation and maintenance through the growing season and you will never look back.

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Outdoor is the New Indoor

A big trend for gardening this year (that has been building over the last few years) is extending our indoor living spaces into outdoor living spaces. From the latest in garden accessories, to DIY projects, people are embracing the ‘exterior design’ spirit. Here’s how we think you can dress up your yard for 2014

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Impatiens Disease – Downy Mildew

A new threat to impatiens called ‘Downy Mildew’ has invaded our area and this disease now basically covers all of North America. The disease affects only the well know plant ‘impatiens’, which is used extensively in gardens, landscaping and in containers.

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